The Power of Dropbox

uninstall dropbox macu2394234Are you running a business? And have you ever heard about Dropbox advantages for your business? You already know what is Dropbox right? Yap, Dropbox is a free services application that helps you to synchronize, store and share your document, video, photo into files so your file is safe in your cloud storage and you can always have them on-hand when you need them. Dropbox is actually the best tools if you want to run a business. Here the advantages of using Dropbox for business:

  • Dropbox helps you to storage backup

Actually for businessmen or woman now is not save and not enough to have files stored only on their website or either their USB or Mac, they need to back up the files. And Dropbox comes to help you to storage your files.

  • Dropbox will help you to share your files. You have the option when you start your Dropbox, they also give you an option if you want to upload your file and make your files available to the public. And if you want to guarantee your files and you want your files to access by people you trust, you can always lock your files or folder. Of course, it is easy and flexible

But if you want to replace your old Mac with the new one and you want to uninstall Dropbox Mac, you can easily to follow this instruction. But your file in the Dropbox will not go. So here the instruction:

  • Quit Dropbox (you should click Dropbox icon from the menu bar, click on the gear icon, the you choose “Quit Dropbox)
  • After you finish, drag and drop Dropbox to the trash from your Application Folder
  • Empty your trash

Yap! You’re done to uninstall your Dropbox on your Mac.