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Nowadays, in the united States assurance wireless phone are possible to get because this is a program from the united states government assistance to all people those who are suffering from the lack of financial resources or has no job but still wishing to save money while you can enjoying the cell phone services for free. So the United States government will make you use the free cell phone and you can enjoy the cell phone service. These Assurance Wireless free phones or smartphones that you can get free, and they are very simple to use and they are also simple in their functionality, still, they carry out all the necessary functions familiar to modern people.

Assurance Wireless

Do you know about the assurance wireless? So, the Assurance Wireless Company itself is a part of greater cell phone service providing group called Sprint’s Prepaid Cell phone group. It has been specially established for eligible people with low- income or for those who has no job but want to enjoy cell phone services. The customers who get their free government cell phones from Assurance Wireless are usually the United State citizens who receiving other types of authorities help, i.e. food stamps, medic aid, etc. It is very good that today these people have a chance to get assistance to benefit from wireless communication at no cost at all. There are lots of requirement that you should do in order to get this program because not all people can get a free cell phone, only some people especially for those who has low income in their job. So, you have to apply for this program in order to get a free cell phone from the government, and you can enjoy all the cell phone services. Please go to to find out more about assurance wireless.

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