Fastest Way of Losing Weight

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Obesity has become the “new disease” which killed people a lot more than realized. Around 100,000 – 400,000 people die each year in corresponding with obesity. The number of people with obesity in the USA has doubled since the 1980s. Now, more than a third of adult Americans are obese. The impact of obesity for health care expenditure is staggering, with people spending 6% – 8% of a health plan for diseases related to obesity.


Surgery Procedures

For people who are just a little overweight or need to lose weight for the sake of beauty, dieting and exercising might be a good enough option. But for some who are in need of a fast way of losing weight, these twos aren’t going to cut it. Especially for morbidly obese, we need a little more help from the professionals. This is where a surgery knife is needed.


There are several known surgery procedures when it comes to losing weight. The two most famous probably are the gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass surgery.


Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure performed laparoscopically, which means the surgeon will insert a camera into our body then perform the procedure. The cutting process is done vertically and will reduce the size of our stomach up to 60% – 80%. This purpose of this procedure is to make us feel full faster, therefore, reduce the calorie intake and force the body to consume the fat already existed.

Similar to gastric sleeve surgery, a gastric bypass goal is also to reduce the size of the stomach and make us feel full faster (to read more of gastric bypass mexico, click here). The difference between them is the type of cutting done. A gastric sleeve will cut the stomach vertically while a gastric bypass will have a Y-cutting. The result of a gastric bypass is a smaller pouch with the shape of a regular gastric.




What To look when choosing a coffee roaster


If you are planning to open up a cafe, you will need several coffee maker equipment in your store. One of the most important equipment is the coffee roaster. Just like the name, it is used to roast the coffee bean before you grind it. On buying a coffee roaster, you will have to choose different types of a coffee roaster in the market. You should know what kind of roaster that you want in your store. But if you do not know about a roaster, you should be helped by reading these tips about choosing a coffee roaster (เครื่องคั่วกาแฟ).

The types of the bean

There are several factors that you should consider when buying a coffee roaster. The first and the most important ones would be the kind of coffee that you would like to make or roast. Different kinds of beans and coffees will require different kinds of roasting level. Some coffee roaster is better at high roasting a coffee, yet others will be better to light roast coffee bean. In doing so, you must consider this when choosing a coffee roaster. The differences in the roasting ability will affect greatly to the end result of the coffee.

The available budget

While some of you can choose whatever brand you want freely, some of us will have to shop a coffee maker on a certain budget. If that is the case, this should also be the main factor in determining your choice of the coffee roaster. Despite so, you have to remember that more expensive coffee roaster does not always mean the better the quality. There are some products out there that comes with a great quality while maintaining a really attractive and affordable cost. On the contrary, you must not be fooled by cheaper products because cheap can mean also low quality and lack of durability. For more information about coffee roasters, visit

Carrageenan And All Of The Issues

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One of the natural additives which now becomes the spotlight after some companies decided to ban it to include in their products. People should cry over the almond milk, ice cream, deli meats, and other food contain this ingredient. It seems so creepy to eat with the carrageenan inside. But wait! What is carrageenan actually? Well, I found something interesting with this magical seaweed plan which was surprised me! Here I summarized some important point to you. Let’s check it.

What is carrageenan actually?

Carrageenan is natural additive used for stabilizing food. Interestingly, this natural plant has been used since hundred years ago. The read seaweed which is popularly known as the Irish Moss generally can be found in almond milk, ice cream, chocolate milk even cosmetics products. Hundred years ago, Irish used to process it in the home kitchen including cooking it with salt and alcohol.

Is Carrageenan Bad?

In breaking news, many companies start to ban the carrageenan in products. well, people now get scary. They don’t know what it is, though. Review about the harm of this red seaweed comes as a explotion, sounds scary! In fact, it is assumed to be dangerous as the carcinogen carried in the compound. The supposition of cancer and inflammation cause lead it as the big factors to petitioning carried according to the Tobacman’s article.

Is the Carrageenan Safe?

Answering this question of the safety, JECFA in 2014 concluded that the use of the carrageenan in infant formula was considered safe. Besides, review all of the studies about the harm of the Irish Moss to food were unproven.

For your information, this read seaweed is divided into two types which are the food-graded is the safe one for food. It is not suggested for the graded that is wrongly associated to be the same with food-graded whereas they are different compound. In conclussion, we don’t have any good reason to avoid such a good nature. It even can raise the immune system. Keep your healthy!

Bio Muscle XR

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It is time for you to use Bio Muscle XR and obtain its best effects. In addition, protein intake is very important in the body’s muscles to enlarge. Because of the role of protein alone can form the muscles in the body, you have to choose it correctly. Supplements are here to meet the amount of protein required for the formation of the body’s muscles.

As we know, there are now many kinds of fitness supplements sold in the market at different prices. However, you should certainly recognize the benefits of each supplement to conform to the benefits you need. In addition, because each supplement itself have different benefits. So, you have to perform some of the following considerations when choosing a supplement to the muscles of the body:

  1. Choose a fitness supplement that suits your needs or desired goal. So it is not wrong in choosing the right supplements for consumption.
  2. Select the appropriate supplement dosage you need. It is important to achieve the goals that you expect.
  3. You already know, which is only a complementary nutritional supplement only and is not a substitute. So, continue to consume foods with balanced nutrition.
  4. Balance the use of supplements with body movement exercises to help the fat burning process along with the formation of the body’s muscles.
  5. Choose a supplement that has been proven to increase the quality and usefulness of body muscles. It is also very important for your health.
  6. Always check the expiration date listed on the supplement you choose, to prevent things that are not desirable.
  7. Select supplements made of natural herbal ingredients, to minimize the side effects of its use.

Well, that’s a few tips on choosing supplements for your muscles. Remember, supplements are expensive does not necessarily correspond to the needs of fitness you need!

Is Carrageenan Safe? – Let’s Know It Far


Recently, there are many people that talk about the carrageenan. You may have the question about it “Is carrageenan safe? “. Don’t be worried because the good answer from it is carrageenan is actually very safe. So, starting from now, don’t be doubtful to use this food to be consumed by you. Talking about that the carrageenan is safe, of course, there is the research that has done and then the result is said that this is safe to be eaten.

What is carrageenan?

Do you know what the carrageenan is? The fact, this is the ingredient food that is taken from the red seaweed. Generally, this food is used as the thickener of food. Nowadays, there are many people that have used it. In Ireland, it is called ad the Carraigin. Then, in England, it is called as the Carrageen Moss. Some people also call it as the Carrageen Moss. In Ireland, it is used as the gelatin. Besides, it is also used as the home remedy. Well, cough and cold can be treated by this. You can try it.

Knowing the carrageenan closer

You should know that there are two kinds of the carrageenan. The first one is food-grade and the second one is degraded. To be consumed, you should choose the first one because this is 100% safe. Then, the second one commonly is not used for food. So, be careful in choosing the type of the carrageenan because actually there are the different types.

Those are the information about carrageenan. So, is carrageenan safe? After reading this article, you have known that this is safe to consume the carrageenan. You don’t need to be worried again because this information is true. It has been reviewed by the JECFA (Expert Committee on Food Additives). It says that this is safe for eating.

The All Natural Energy Beverage

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Moonshot is called as all natural energy drink because of the natural and organic contents. Yes, despite the claim of energy drink (which are often associated with artificial preservatives, sweeteners, or contents), this beverage contains only the natural substances. Is it good for you? Yes, it is. Will it be safe for consumption even if you have digestion problem? Yes, it will. Will you enjoy the taste? Yes, you will, thanks to the fruity flavor that will make you not want to stop at all.


Understanding Moonshot

This carbonated beverage has 30% of fruity syrup with 6 different fruity taste, which is one of the main reasons why it is likeable by so many people. In most cases, energy drinks may be able to deliver instant kick of energy, but the taste may be gross or awful. Well, such thing won’t happen to Moonshot as you will only enjoy the fruity taste. Yes, you will enjoy the many benefits; including the great and refreshing taste, and the immediate energy boost that will make you ready for another challenge within your long day.


The Origin?

The energy drink originates from Austin, and most people visiting the place are enthralled with its great energy boost and tasty flavor. Most of them are wondering how they can get the drink again, even after they are back to their hometown. Well, since Moonshot is now being sold in Amazon, you can have free and easy access to this instant energy boost beverage. Really, the beverage isn’t only tasty and delicious, but it is also good for you – without causing negative side effects that can endanger your own health.

Buying from Amazon

Visit this retail store if you want to get your hands on a pack of Moonshot. Not only you will get attractive offers (discounts, and stuffs), you can also enjoy the tasty and truly beneficial energy drink – along with its natural contents.

electronic cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: Types and Benefits

                It is inevitable that many people like to smoke cigarettes since it has become a part of everyday lifestyle. Since it was invented long time ago, people usually consume the traditional cigarette; but today, we also have its modernized version called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Even though some products have a similar look to the conventional ones, this kind of cigarette comes in some types with different features.


This e-cigarette is known with its appearance that resembles traditional cigarettes with tobacco inside, hence the name cig-a-like. Due to its shape and size, it is completely convenient to carry and use. It is also the cheapest kind of this product. However, it has the shortest battery life compared to the others. For that reason, cig-a-like is generally suitable for non-heavy smokers.

Vape Pen

                From its name, it already implies its external characteristics as well. It is usually bigger than cig-a-likes and has a longer battery life as well; perfect for those who smoke a lot. Though, it is heavier than its smaller counterpart, which makes it less convenient to bring without a case. As for pricing, Vape pens are fairly expensive in the world of e-cigarettes.

Personalized Vaporizer

                If the previous two are default products that are assembled by e-cigarette manufacturers, this one is the kind that are already customized by its users. It is a growing trend among people in which a user combines the cartridge (the butt as in usual cigarettes) with an atomizer (the part where the e-liquid is heated) that is already modified.

                Today, e-cigarettes are already manufactured by a number of companies. Just like tobacco cigarettes, each manufacturer offers different experiences.  If you are an adventurous smoker, it is a must to try all products that those manufacturers have. Should you be curious, visit to find out the best electronic cigarettes that are available out there.

Brain Booster

Who doesn’t want an amazing memory that can recall every detail of our lives? As a human, we do face difficulties in storing facts or knowledge or even a simple item that we need to buy in the supermarket. If you do have a long attention span, remembering and concentrating will be a breeze for you.


Famous from its involvement in the movie Limitless, the drug known as NZT is a drug that transforms Bradley Cooper life that acts in the movie. This NZT drug has the ability to make a human turn into a Superhuman in the span of 24 hours. In the movie, Bradley Cooper is able to recall every little detail and learn new stuff in a short period amount of time. However, is NZT limitless real?

Supplements to boost your brain? Yay or nay?

With the famous NZT drug, does it really exists? Or is it just a gimmick? There are plenty of supplement companies that produce, what they called their very own version of “NZT”. If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk of consuming it. With the scientists stating that there’s no such thing as NZT, what are the ingredients in the “NZT”? Boosting our brain up to a new level will improve our focus and attention span. This will be great when you want to learn something new or just because of the factor, aging. With us getting older everyday, our focus will get slowed down and we will be forgetful. You can combat this by consuming supplements, but not just with NZT.

What good does brain supplements gives?

Brain R8 Supplements is a popular supplement that has been used by many people. It has been highly recommended for not just improving our focus but also, to maintain our brain health. Consisting of natural ingredients, it has been confirmed that there will be no negative outcomes that may harm or ruin your body and health. Packed with benefits, this supplement is good for those who want to improve their IQ and for diet. With that, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do ask for your doctor advice before consuming it to see whether you have any allergic reaction towards it.