Traveling to Malaysia

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Malaysia truly Asia. That slogan burns on my mind. I heard it every time I turn on my tv. Located in South East Asia Peninsula, Malaysia is blessed with the warm weather and beautiful nature and cultures. Rank 25th in 2015 Global Tourism Competitive Index, more than 20 million visited this country annually. Many of the tourists actually come from nearby countries such as Singapore and Indonesia.


Malaysia’s main attractions

Just like neighboring countries, Malaysia main attractions are their beautiful nature and diverse cultures. Malaysia’s beaches are known for its beauty and great resorts. As a tropical country, Malaysia also offers the exoticism of their rainforests. Malaysia has more than ten national parks and nature reserves. If we are tired of mother nature, Malaysia also has cultural attractions. From beautiful, old mosques like Kampung Hulu Mosque to a legacy from colonization era like St. Paul’s Hill. But, if we want something a bit modern, they have them as well. Kuala Lumpur, for example, is a very modern city, great place to shop, not to mention has the Petronas Twin Towers. This landmark of Kuala Lumpur was the tallest building in the world from 1998 to 2004.

How to get to Malaysia

Most of us usually travel by plane. I think it’s quite boring. Though sky can be pretty at sunset and sunrise, but mostly, all we see is clouds. For a change, a bus ride might be a good idea. The bus ride, though longer than a plane, is quite comfortable. We get to see beautiful sceneries along the road. The best part is, a bus ticket to Malaysia is cheaper than a plane ticket.


Booking a bus ticket is also as easy as booking a plane ticket, thank god for the internet. There are a lot of websites which offer different buses operator at varied prices. One of the trusted websites is, which offers bus tickets from and to six different countries in South East Asia. Not only buy a bus ticket, we can also buy a train ticket, rent a car and buy a ferry ticket as well.

Kitchen Design Plans


In arranging space in the house, we should be tricky and effective at the same time since the very first thing to consider when it has come to arrange stuff in the house is to know the plan first. What is actually your plan? There are many plans in the house including the whole room in common, living room and kitchen design plans. Kitchen has been on top list when people are going to décor especially a wife that has wide views in planning the kitchen as the main part of all rooms had. To get thorough and well-applied kitchen, we should make kitchen design plans. Why should we have plans? Because it will impact the whole dollar spent on how it works well on planning. The plans are about arranging functions, storage, surrounding space and budget. All of them are included to the most important thing to think when designing plans for the kitchen.

Think carefully

The first plan is to know the function of your kitchen whether you will use it for one space for cooking or you need more spaces for a second room for the chef. It depends on how much space you have and you will use because when you have small space, you might not have many plans to do. The second plan is to know the storage. How does your cabinet do and how you will use storage whether you will use for storing stuff like frying pan, glasses, plates and others. When you need an extension, you can choose more cabinet or adding an island. The third plan is to consider the surrounding space. It is about how you will add more additional space like kitchen set or dining room. The last is the budget. Make sure that you know how you will go to make a kitchen plan with matched income and budget to make you satisfied with the work.

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What To look when choosing a coffee roaster


If you are planning to open up a cafe, you will need several coffee maker equipment in your store. One of the most important equipment is the coffee roaster. Just like the name, it is used to roast the coffee bean before you grind it. On buying a coffee roaster, you will have to choose different types of a coffee roaster in the market. You should know what kind of roaster that you want in your store. But if you do not know about a roaster, you should be helped by reading these tips about choosing a coffee roaster (เครื่องคั่วกาแฟ).

The types of the bean

There are several factors that you should consider when buying a coffee roaster. The first and the most important ones would be the kind of coffee that you would like to make or roast. Different kinds of beans and coffees will require different kinds of roasting level. Some coffee roaster is better at high roasting a coffee, yet others will be better to light roast coffee bean. In doing so, you must consider this when choosing a coffee roaster. The differences in the roasting ability will affect greatly to the end result of the coffee.

The available budget

While some of you can choose whatever brand you want freely, some of us will have to shop a coffee maker on a certain budget. If that is the case, this should also be the main factor in determining your choice of the coffee roaster. Despite so, you have to remember that more expensive coffee roaster does not always mean the better the quality. There are some products out there that comes with a great quality while maintaining a really attractive and affordable cost. On the contrary, you must not be fooled by cheaper products because cheap can mean also low quality and lack of durability. For more information about coffee roasters, visit

Choose Your Trip in EasyBook


Road traveling has been a thing now since it will be a more joyful trip and have unique stories especially when you take it from one country to another country. It is like in Europe where you can get from Germany to Paris by a single tour with train, you also can get Austria from Swiss and more. Since the geography location is supportive, road traveling can be such a great way to enjoy holidays. It happens on South East Asian where people now seem to be more selective in choosing transportation. It is indeed good when you can reach one city to another city in Singapore by MRT and it will be cooler when you can get Malaysia from Singapore by bus. It has been common too to get the destination from a different country by bus. That is why now you can try the number one online bus ticket booking in EasyBook. How does it work?

Wide and various selections

When we have talked about wide selection so it included buses company and tour packages. The fist discussion is about the wide selection of buses. Easybook has been working well with hundreds company and it serves more than one thousand departure from 200 destinations including in all countries in ASEAN. That sounds perfect because you don’t need to take it by plane when you are in good mood to enjoy road traveling. The wide selection of buses can give you more chances to choose the best deals depending on needs and budgets. Another discussion from wide selection is to know about destinations and departure where you can make it matched to your plan and budgets but we make sure that all of the destinations are affordable. That last wide selection is about the payment where you can pay all bookings through PayPal, Visa, Master Card and more depending on what you have.

Carrageenan And All Of The Issues

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One of the natural additives which now becomes the spotlight after some companies decided to ban it to include in their products. People should cry over the almond milk, ice cream, deli meats, and other food contain this ingredient. It seems so creepy to eat with the carrageenan inside. But wait! What is carrageenan actually? Well, I found something interesting with this magical seaweed plan which was surprised me! Here I summarized some important point to you. Let’s check it.

What is carrageenan actually?

Carrageenan is natural additive used for stabilizing food. Interestingly, this natural plant has been used since hundred years ago. The read seaweed which is popularly known as the Irish Moss generally can be found in almond milk, ice cream, chocolate milk even cosmetics products. Hundred years ago, Irish used to process it in the home kitchen including cooking it with salt and alcohol.

Is Carrageenan Bad?

In breaking news, many companies start to ban the carrageenan in products. well, people now get scary. They don’t know what it is, though. Review about the harm of this red seaweed comes as a explotion, sounds scary! In fact, it is assumed to be dangerous as the carcinogen carried in the compound. The supposition of cancer and inflammation cause lead it as the big factors to petitioning carried according to the Tobacman’s article.

Is the Carrageenan Safe?

Answering this question of the safety, JECFA in 2014 concluded that the use of the carrageenan in infant formula was considered safe. Besides, review all of the studies about the harm of the Irish Moss to food were unproven.

For your information, this read seaweed is divided into two types which are the food-graded is the safe one for food. It is not suggested for the graded that is wrongly associated to be the same with food-graded whereas they are different compound. In conclussion, we don’t have any good reason to avoid such a good nature. It even can raise the immune system. Keep your healthy!

Bio Muscle XR

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It is time for you to use Bio Muscle XR and obtain its best effects. In addition, protein intake is very important in the body’s muscles to enlarge. Because of the role of protein alone can form the muscles in the body, you have to choose it correctly. Supplements are here to meet the amount of protein required for the formation of the body’s muscles.

As we know, there are now many kinds of fitness supplements sold in the market at different prices. However, you should certainly recognize the benefits of each supplement to conform to the benefits you need. In addition, because each supplement itself have different benefits. So, you have to perform some of the following considerations when choosing a supplement to the muscles of the body:

  1. Choose a fitness supplement that suits your needs or desired goal. So it is not wrong in choosing the right supplements for consumption.
  2. Select the appropriate supplement dosage you need. It is important to achieve the goals that you expect.
  3. You already know, which is only a complementary nutritional supplement only and is not a substitute. So, continue to consume foods with balanced nutrition.
  4. Balance the use of supplements with body movement exercises to help the fat burning process along with the formation of the body’s muscles.
  5. Choose a supplement that has been proven to increase the quality and usefulness of body muscles. It is also very important for your health.
  6. Always check the expiration date listed on the supplement you choose, to prevent things that are not desirable.
  7. Select supplements made of natural herbal ingredients, to minimize the side effects of its use.

Well, that’s a few tips on choosing supplements for your muscles. Remember, supplements are expensive does not necessarily correspond to the needs of fitness you need!

Is Carrageenan Safe? – Let’s Know It Far


Recently, there are many people that talk about the carrageenan. You may have the question about it “Is carrageenan safe? “. Don’t be worried because the good answer from it is carrageenan is actually very safe. So, starting from now, don’t be doubtful to use this food to be consumed by you. Talking about that the carrageenan is safe, of course, there is the research that has done and then the result is said that this is safe to be eaten.

What is carrageenan?

Do you know what the carrageenan is? The fact, this is the ingredient food that is taken from the red seaweed. Generally, this food is used as the thickener of food. Nowadays, there are many people that have used it. In Ireland, it is called ad the Carraigin. Then, in England, it is called as the Carrageen Moss. Some people also call it as the Carrageen Moss. In Ireland, it is used as the gelatin. Besides, it is also used as the home remedy. Well, cough and cold can be treated by this. You can try it.

Knowing the carrageenan closer

You should know that there are two kinds of the carrageenan. The first one is food-grade and the second one is degraded. To be consumed, you should choose the first one because this is 100% safe. Then, the second one commonly is not used for food. So, be careful in choosing the type of the carrageenan because actually there are the different types.

Those are the information about carrageenan. So, is carrageenan safe? After reading this article, you have known that this is safe to consume the carrageenan. You don’t need to be worried again because this information is true. It has been reviewed by the JECFA (Expert Committee on Food Additives). It says that this is safe for eating.

How Social Media Can Expand Your Business


Social media is something that has many benefits for the growth of a business, and one of the most prominent effects it has would have to be in the matter of broadening your business’ horizons. With the help of social media marketing, you would be able to enhance market knowledge and stretch out beyond your rivals with online networking that would allow you to always stay one step ahead in the competition. With online networking checking, you can increase key data on your rivals, in this way enhancing your business sector insight. This sort of intel will permit you to settle on key business choices so as to stay in front of your opposition.

The Way Social Media Can Expand Your Business

Competition is one thing you need to pay attention to, but you need to realize that there is more to business than that. SEO is another thing that you need to pay attention to when it comes to building a small business, and social media can definitely help with that. Online networking can build site activity and look positioning. So you constructed a site for your organization. One of the best advantages of online networking for business is utilizing it to expand your site movement. Not just does online networking help you guide individuals to your site, yet the most social networking offers you get, the higher your pursuit positioning will be.

Social media is a very effective marketing tool, but for new businesses, you should purchase followers firsthand because gathering them in the traditional way could be a very slow process that would require more resources than you currently have. Perfect Social Boost is one of the best providers of social media likes and followers. You can achieve a much more effective marketing at an affordable price. View its website at