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Electronic Cigarettes: Types and Benefits

                It is inevitable that many people like to smoke cigarettes since it has become a part of everyday lifestyle. Since it was invented long time ago, people usually consume the traditional cigarette; but today, we also have its modernized version called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Even though some products have a similar look to the conventional ones, this kind of cigarette comes in some types with different features.


This e-cigarette is known with its appearance that resembles traditional cigarettes with tobacco inside, hence the name cig-a-like. Due to its shape and size, it is completely convenient to carry and use. It is also the cheapest kind of this product. However, it has the shortest battery life compared to the others. For that reason, cig-a-like is generally suitable for non-heavy smokers.

Vape Pen

                From its name, it already implies its external characteristics as well. It is usually bigger than cig-a-likes and has a longer battery life as well; perfect for those who smoke a lot. Though, it is heavier than its smaller counterpart, which makes it less convenient to bring without a case. As for pricing, Vape pens are fairly expensive in the world of e-cigarettes.

Personalized Vaporizer

                If the previous two are default products that are assembled by e-cigarette manufacturers, this one is the kind that are already customized by its users. It is a growing trend among people in which a user combines the cartridge (the butt as in usual cigarettes) with an atomizer (the part where the e-liquid is heated) that is already modified.

                Today, e-cigarettes are already manufactured by a number of companies. Just like tobacco cigarettes, each manufacturer offers different experiences.  If you are an adventurous smoker, it is a must to try all products that those manufacturers have. Should you be curious, visit ECigaretteReviews.com to find out the best electronic cigarettes that are available out there.

Brain Booster

Who doesn’t want an amazing memory that can recall every detail of our lives? As a human, we do face difficulties in storing facts or knowledge or even a simple item that we need to buy in the supermarket. If you do have a long attention span, remembering and concentrating will be a breeze for you.


Famous from its involvement in the movie Limitless, the drug known as NZT is a drug that transforms Bradley Cooper life that acts in the movie. This NZT drug has the ability to make a human turn into a Superhuman in the span of 24 hours. In the movie, Bradley Cooper is able to recall every little detail and learn new stuff in a short period amount of time. However, is NZT limitless real?

Supplements to boost your brain? Yay or nay?

With the famous NZT drug, does it really exists? Or is it just a gimmick? There are plenty of supplement companies that produce, what they called their very own version of “NZT”. If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk of consuming it. With the scientists stating that there’s no such thing as NZT, what are the ingredients in the “NZT”? Boosting our brain up to a new level will improve our focus and attention span. This will be great when you want to learn something new or just because of the factor, aging. With us getting older everyday, our focus will get slowed down and we will be forgetful. You can combat this by consuming supplements, but not just with NZT.

What good does brain supplements gives?

Brain R8 Supplements is a popular supplement that has been used by many people. It has been highly recommended for not just improving our focus but also, to maintain our brain health. Consisting of natural ingredients, it has been confirmed that there will be no negative outcomes that may harm or ruin your body and health. Packed with benefits, this supplement is good for those who want to improve their IQ and for diet. With that, they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do ask for your doctor advice before consuming it to see whether you have any allergic reaction towards it.